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About Me

Hi, my names Andrew Mackintosh. Most people call me Andy Mack.

I’m 34 years old with a passion for motorbikes and live in Glasgow, Scotland.

I had been riding since I was 16 on a moped after passing my CBT, then progressed to a 125 on L plates with a Yamaha TZR then passing my test to get a full license.

When I was 18 I started to get good at American Football so decided to give up the motorbikes. I was worried a broken leg would cost me the chance of going pro and I didn’t want to have that as an excuse. So sold the bike and gave up on then.

I then got back into them when I had stopped play, I was back with the scooters with a Peugeot Speedfight II IMG_1485to get myself too and from work in the city centre. After a while and being a nutter on ebay I placed a bid for a spares of repair Suzuki RGV 250M. IMG-20120422-00013The one with the banana swing arm and the classic blue on blue on white colours. I took a crazy chance on it but when I got it it was in good condition, the plastics were all good and didnt need repainted, it just needed a little work to get it running again. I knew 2 stokes are basic engines and it came with a spare so didn’t think it would be too much of a problem to get it working.IMG_1359 It wasn’t. It was an awesome bike, loved the powerband too! At the time I got it going I was working hard pursuing a career coaching American Football in USA. I was volunteering at a university for 6 months and funds were getting tight so I put an advert on and sold it. Worst idea ever! Haha.

When I came back from America I had racked up a lot of credit card debt paying my way to be over there, I didnt manage to get a job so needed to get back in the black. Problem is I am a bit of a maniac with money, took out a bank loan to pay off he credit cards, but didnt one of them give me 0% on balance transfers? Oh and a Ducati 748 on ebay going for a decent/risky price. Why not just buy that. So I did like a muppet. The engine needed lots of repairs, lots of expensive repairs! But otherwise it was in good condition.IMG_1544

Then I started taking it on track days. Then I fell in love with the track days.

Problem I had was that the 748 isn’t that fast anymore so people would blow past me on the straights and I’d never see them again. Only way to challenge myself to get better was to go racing. I had planned it all out. Desmo Due. At the same time I was buying a flat. Couldn’t do both so I stopped the plans for the bike racing. Too expensive to do and save for a deposit. Then I bought a flat!

Now I have a flat, the bug got me again at another track day, you can read about it in my blog post, and I decided to go all in. Sell the 748 and buy a race bike. Luckily the class I wanted to race in there was a cheap bike going. So wish me luck in my quest to become a Desmo Due Class A Champion. It should be fun!

Andy Mack