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Electric Motocross – Hyper Trax

Last weekend I thought I would try out the electric motocross at Hyper-Trax in East Kilbride. It was £20 for two ten-minute sessions and £5 for equipment hire. We also bought an extra ten-minute session for another £10.

I turned up on a wet Sunday at 4pm, met my friend and his dad and signed on. After completing a short form saying if we die it’s not their fault but if we break their bikes then it is ours we were directed to a hut to collect the gear.

Asking our shoes size then being given a helmet to try on, the three of us seemed to be quite the pin heads as we all asked for a smaller lid. We took our boxes of equipment and directed to the changing rooms to put on the gear. This was the fun part. Do knee pads go over or under the trouser things? I opted for under but had also chose a 34-inch waist in the trousers. My fat ass was nearly busting out them. I’m only three weeks into the diet, give me a chance!

Now all kitted out and the obligatory pic taken we stomped to the far end of the hall where the bigger bikes seemed to be. There wasn’t a lot of instruction. We basically just hung about looking a bit clueless till someone asked us if we had been on a bike before a given us a demo of the controls. The KTM electric bikes were more like a motorised mountain bike with both brakes on the handlebars. They had three power settings and when I jumped on my bike it was at two but the guy quickly came past and changed it to one.

Initially I thought the ten-minute sessions would be a skoosh. From behind the barrier the circuit didn’t look that long or particularly tough. How wrong was I! After the first five minutes my thighs and arms were on fire. I couldn’t wait for the time to be up so I could go and cry in the corner at my muscles being beaten to death by these bikes and jumps. One of the guys I was with managed to bin his bike but not causing any damage, it was funny all the same as he had been telling us to look out for him coming past!

Once the session was finished we went and sat down. I need to get some rest into my legs as they were like jelly. We had to wait two more groups to go before it was our second session. This time with a bit more confidence I jumped on the bike, pinned it and raced down to the first corner. Grabbed a big handful of front brake and fell on my arse. What a clown! That session I did get a bit more into the rhythm of riding up the banks, using the rear to steer a bit but I was still hopeless.

The “toppler” from the first session was back. This time, not sure what happened, he was parked in the middle of a corner. We queued up behind him waiting for him to get going and he just fell over. He said that he could touch his feet down because he was half way up a banking. We all got a good laugh out of that. He then crashed a second time. I think he was trying to lose his deposit haha.

For the final session, my legs were now screaming at me for a hot bath but I had ten more minutes to do. I had spied the poster that showed someone else motocrossing and remembered how you are meant to push the bike down rather than lean with it. So, for the final session I set about trying this out. It seemed to work well, I managed to catch the guy in front of me, then was on the back of the next guy but he was holding me up a lot.Unless they pull over you can’t really force your way past. I could see someone else catching me from behind too. Eventually the guy pulls over and lets both of us past but I was so out of rhythm and tired from the day I just couldn’t get back up to speed.

not me!

It was a good afternoon but it showed how lacking I am at motocross fitness and skill. They don’t give you much in the way of tuition other than to sit forward in the corners. I have done fun in the mud before and they give you a lot more advice and teach you how to ride. This was a bit more like motocross go karts.

Would I go back? I think if someone else was organising it and wanted to go then definitely. It’s more fun with a group of people but I doubt I would go on my own. £35 for three ten minute sessions and your kit felt like decent value for money. We were there for over two hours so it wasn’t a lot of money for the time we spent there. I think two sessions would be enough though if you go for the first time.

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Andy Mack

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