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Getting the bike ready – Part 1

Last season I had such big plans for the bike. Get the engine sorted, get a fancy rear shock,get the suspension set up for me, make the bike look good, etc. etc. This year it’s a much simpler affair. With the fairings mounting points made, the main thing I need to do is fix the crash damage and do a bit of TLC on the bike.

After sliding along the ground at Castle Combe, the damage was fairly minimal to the bike. It damaged the front fairing bracket, put some holes in the fairings, and destroyed the handlebar and foot peg on the right-hand side. For a fast crash the bike got off prettylightly!

I have managed to send back two fairing brackets to Chris at Silverback Manufacturing, who was kind enough to replace/repair them with new brackets. This gave me a spare too, which is a big help. I also had a spare bar and right-hand foot peg left over from my Cadwell Park crash,so I bolted them on and made sure everything was at it should be.

The fairings have a couple of bigish holes in them. It managed to damage three of the five panels I have. Using some filler and fibre glass repairs I managed to patch these up. Only thing left is to sand down the filler, make sure everything still fits together, and then give everything a fresh coat of paint. Once that’s done I’ll get some new stickers from my friend Chris at Vinyl Concepts (check out his amazon/eBay store) to make the bike look good again. Now I have the vlog I must make up a YouTube sticker to advertise the channel too, so that will go under the web address for this vlog.

There are some other things I want to do to the bike. First is to get a carbon fibre front mudguard. I think my Ducati is the only Ducati on earth without some carbon fibre on it. It will be a bit of a weight saving and will look cool, but at £100 it’s a bit of an expense. I’m also wondering if I should replace the chain. I have D.I.D.’s High Performance ER Road Racing Chain, and after doing only five meetings does it need replaced? There seems like there is plenty of life left in it but I’ve heard the horror stories of chains snapping, and Brian Alexander put a hole in his engine when one snapped at Oulton Park in 2016. I think his chain was a cheap Chinese knock off but still, £90 for the peace of mind? Got to be a worthy investment. I tried to save £190 last year not getting tyres before Castle Combe, that was a back fire! So think it is worth the cost to replace it.

Thing i need new brake pads too!

I need to check the oil and see if it’s still golden or turned black. I haven’t had a look through the window yet, but if it’s golden then I’ll leave the oil and filter in the bike. The engines are really under stressed so I’m not overly worried about it, but due to the engine rebuild it might be due a wee oil change.

A small thing I need to do is find a place to mount the GoPro that will keep scrutineering happy. They don’t like it on the top yoke, which is a shame because I really do as I can see the rev counter. I might need to make a bracket for the GoPro to go on. I haven’t really thought that out. I am tempted to get a second GoPro for a rear facing camera to make the race videos a wee bit more exciting. Any thoughts on that? Would it be a good idea to cut the film together between front and back?

Let me know what you think and if anyone else is getting their bikes prepped let me know in the comments what your plans are. Also, subscribing to the blog and the YouTube channel really helps, so if you can that would be magic!

Andy Mack

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