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Checkered Flag on my season

So after my off at Castle Combe that left me putting three large holes in the bottom of my leathers, thankfully no damage to my posterior, I have decided to end the season. The cost of new leathers is a bit prohibitive. I knew I couldn’t really afford to buy new leathers and go to Anglesey. If I had another off or something I would have been in serious financial trouble and couldn’t take the chance. I didn’t think I got back to zero where I and the bike are both 100% so thought it was best to stop, re-group and come back ready for next year.

Andy Taylor at Real Roads did offer me a pair of race gloves after mine also lost their lives in the crash, and Brian Alexander offered me an old race suit of his. I am very appreciative of their efforts to get me back out racing! So thanks guys!

The plan for next year has started.

Objective 1 – get down to 14 stone.
I know I have no chance of being as light as the human dwarfs like Andy Blomfield, Pete Pritchard and Duncan Baillie but dropping 1.5 stone will go a long way to getting me off the line as close to them as possible. Matt Lawson is a fully grown man and he has been able to compete at the front, leading the championship for most of the year.
Objective 2 – get the suspension sorted.
I put off doing this last year as funds ran out. Losing the rear at Castle Combe could have been avoided (if I wasn’t an idiot in the first place) by having well set up suspension. It’s expensive to do and I’m not sure how much of a difference it will make, but I think having the forks refreshed and adjusted for my weight and an adjustable shock might help. So will probably see Colin at 100% Suspension for advice and set up.
Objective 3 – get myself ready for race 1.
It took till Donington Park for me to really find my speed on the bike, part of that is a lack of riding it (I pretty much only do the races) and part is my inexperience racing. So I have two options. Go to Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Ranch. It would cost about £2000 for a week’s trip but oh my god it looks worth it! Because it’s February its 7 days instead of the 4 for the same price. There is no way that wouldn’t make me faster! Plus shooting guns and bbq are both awesome! The other is to do a Euro Trackday in February. Should be able to get three days track time on the bike which will help get me up to speed. I reckon that will cost about £1000 all in. So lots of money going out but hopefully I’ll save it on repair bills to my bike and bits.

Texas Tornado Boot Camp

I also have the dilemma of what to do for new leathers. The RST ones I have are away to get repaired, I’m not sure if they really can so if they come back I will keep them as a spare emergency pair. So that means a new suit. I can replace the suit with a like for like for £350 with RST Race Department but I could go made to measure with a half kangaroo half cow leather suit for £1000. The normal RST suit in their largest size is just a teeny tiny bit too small so the thought of made to measure to fit my Go-Go Gadget limbs does appeal but I could buy and destroy 3 off the peg suits for 1 made to measure. Does anyone have any ideas or opinions?? Or if there are any sponsors out there that would like to support my racing please get in touch.

Think they can do it in Gold???

I’ll try post updates of the bike prep as I do it. If you follow me on twitter or instagram (links at the top right) you will be able to see my progress. See you in 2018!

Andy Mack #40