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MotoGP – Engine layout determine handling?

Like all motorbike racing fans I watched the first two rounds of the MotoGP. One thing that had me thinking was about the handling of the bikes. Its widely considered that the Yamaha is the best handling bike, and it looks like the Suzuki is a close second (Iannone crashing because he was surprised by how slow the Honda was mid corner in Qatar).
Both these bikes seem to have something in common. An inline-four. A lot has been made about the difference between the screamer and the big bang engines but nobody has considered the layout of the engine. The Ducati is probably the most extreme case of being a drag bike and not being able to turn in the corners. The Honda looks close behind with the riders having to make up time on the brakes, causing them to have to use the hard front tyre which could be the reason both Marquez and Pedrosa crashed out at Argentina.
With KTM coming in with their V4 screamer engine (now developing the big bang) and the riders also claiming problems of getting it to turn is it due to the engine configuration affecting the handling of the bike? Aprilia have their V4 but they seem to be an almost forgotten about team. With Aleix Espargaró finishing an impressive 6th at Qatar maybe there will be more information surrounding that bike. He did comment on the traction he was getting out of corners. Coming from the Suzuki it would be interesting to hear the different handling characteristics between the two bikes.
Does the V4 configuration equate to a bike that cant turn? Thoughts please?

The Honda cant turn?

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  1. David Mackintosh David Mackintosh

    As a hingineer I IMAGINE it has to do with the gyroscopic effect. It is too hot in Saint Martin to figure out the different gyroscopic effects of an inline four and a vee four ask your big bro to work this out………………..NOT that it matters a lot really as I am sure the biggest difference in what is going on between the ears THEN understanding the tracks and knowing where and when you can push hard and when you need to be more circumspect.

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