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East Fortune or Cadwell Park – Where to race first?

My first race is due to be Cadwell Park. Brian Alexander, a DesmoDue rider strongly advised me making East Fortune my first race. I can only make the Saturday at East Fortune. So I thought – lets get some expert opinion. Thanks to the wonder world of social media I tweeted some current Ducati riders and some legends to ask their opinion.

Danny Buchan TweetJamie Loch TweetShakey Byrne TweetNiall Mackenzie TweetStuart Easton Tweet

So I took the jump and entered for East Fortune. First race Saturday! #firstcornerfear

I thought I better get some prep done to the bike too, give it a good clean after the SACU License day. Because I am a dumb ass I forgot about the belly pan being an oil catch tray. This is what happens when your as dumb as me. Doh!


But I did manage to put on some decals on the tank and have taken the front fairing, seat and belly pan to get stickered up for the race by Vinyl Concept so it looks super jazzy.

IMG_20160403_161621 IMG_20160403_162037

Wish me luck on Saturday!


  1. Rod Rod

    Good luck this weekend. Looks like you’ll be needing those new wets you’ve bought lol.

    • Andy Andy

      Haha thanks. Weather can do anything here so fingers crossed we get a dry track but I’m not hopeful.

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