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After the winter break…


So I had tucked up the bike for winter and worried about sorting it latee. I wanted to give it a new colour scheme and had to try stop it from rusting away. I have a good friend at Vinyl Concept (check their shop out on amazon/ebay) who could vinyl wrap the bike for me. I also knew I had to adjust the seat so I could ride the bike properly.


So I took all the bits off that I needed too and left it naked. I had to keep the seat to sort it out and another DesmoDue rider offered to help. Big thanks to Brian Alexander for doing that. Spent the afternoon getting it all sorted at the right height


Collected the now wrapped parts and began rebuilding the bike. So its is all ready for the ACU license day on Friday and Saturday. Exciting times now! It’s getting close to racing time!


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    WOW NICE don’t forget to let me know when you are racing so I can come and take some pictures

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