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Where was I going to race?

I knew what series I wanted to race in, done all my research before but knew I couldn’t afford to do it while saying for my flat.


I have now bought the flat but the problem was justifying buying a race bike over the work I want to do to make it my home. I saw a race bike that I wanted. £1650. I had one obvious source to pay for it. My yellow 748.

I said to myself I’ll put it up for sale at £3000 and if I get that then I’ll go racing. So paid for ads on eBay and MCN. After 2 days and no interest (except a scammer) I thought, sell it, go racing. So took down the eBay ad and changed it to a 99p no reserve auction. I knew the bike would sell. Would I get as much as I wanted? My hope was at least £2500. The bidding ended and someone stole the bike for £2150. A bargain!


I contacted the seller of the race bike, offered £1500. He accepted. There was another Ducati Glasgow trackday on the 4th of September. Their last one of the year. I had the day off work to do the trackday. Could I sell my bike, buy the race bike and make the trackday? Tricky. The buyer said they would pick it up on the Tuesday. Done deal. I contacted the seller and arranged for an early morning pick up…in Oxford for Friday morning. Then problems arose. The man buying my yellow bike couldn’t get the van for Tuesday. I offered to deliver the bike at a cost.

So finishing work Thursday night at 8. Home by 9. Loaded the bike into the hire van and headed off with a pizza for company (pizza Thursday!). Glasgow to Dundee took me to about 1130. Delivered cash in my pocket, now I just needed to head for Oxford. Made it all the way back to Glasgow and south bound before sleep deprivation set up. I had a sleeping back and pillow to crashed out for 2 hours. 2 hours lost. Could I make the time to get to the trackday (430 start, to be there at 4 for the briefing)?? Another half hour nap was needed before I made it to Oxford but I was only 30mins late. Met Mr DesmoDue himself Kevin Ellis loaded the bike and back on the road. Sat nav said time of arrival 415. With some creative driving I managed to get that down to 4 but style lack of sleep was starting to kick my ass now. I had to take another 30mins but all I did was sit in the back of the van unable to sleep. 30mins wasted but I felt refreshed. Back on the road and made it to knockhill to see the group of novices in their orange bibs being taking out my Graeme (g33racing). I’d made it for just after the start. Briefing done. Bike unloaded and put in the garage and fight with my leathers chug a red bull and let’s see what she’s like to ride.

race bike copy

Small is the word. The distance between the seat, tank and pegs was for someone much smaller than my 6′ 2″ frame. I managed to get some good laps in, the bike felt fast, light and agile. I was expecting it to be slow but I guess it’s geared for the track not for the road. I was jumping out the hairpin keeping up with things with more than double its 62 bhp.

So what now? I have all winter to get the bike ready. Going to find where I need to position the seat, then take it to ERS racing to see if they can set the suspension up for me for the race season then tuck it away for winter.

ers racing

Still trying to workout a colour scheme for he bike. White’s not my colour and even Cal Crutchlow couldn’t pull it if. I’m considering going for the Ducati yellow of my old bike but not sure yet. Watch this space!

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