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My decision to go racing

P1040091_zps440bca00So I took part in my 3rd Ducati Glasgow track night of the year on my lovely bright yellow Ducati 748 on the 14th of August. There was a lot of new riders on track and a few slower guys than normal. I was flying. Riding the best I’ve ever ridden. Problem was most people’s bikes were faster than mine on the straights, so they’d blast past me on the straights and I’d catch up through the corners, then they’d pull away. I was able to reel in a few people on much faster machinery but the problem was I wanted to challenge myself against the faster riders through the twisty bits but I knew I never could on this bike on these track day said on this track. Their bikes were too fast down the straights and I’d never see them. Never be able to see if I had what it takes to stay with them through the corners. So I decided. Let’s go racing!